Texas or bust

Well, we’re back in our home state of Texas! It’s been a good three weeks here, on our way PCSing (Permanent Change of Station) out to Peru. It was a taxing drive here from Monterey. I drove down to San Diego with the kids (8 hours of driving, plus stops) while John finished checking out, and we got to stay with some of our very good friends, which was such a treat!!

Siblings! At the B&B in Pacific Grove

Siblings! At the B&B in Pacific Grove

We had planned to ship out our SUV from the SD port, but when we arrived (after spending 2+ hours trying to cram every nook and cranny of our Jetta with all we would need for 2 months) they told us we would need an extra document to ship the vehicle, which hadn’t been mentioned to us before. So we took an extra day on Coronado, assessed the situation, and pumped ourselves up for a 24 hour drive to Texas – with both vehicles. This meant no breaks for the drivers, little attention for the kids, and very, very long days.

Celebrating our sweet Olivia's third birthday on Coronado Island

Celebrating our sweet Olivia’s third birthday on Coronado Island

Olivia and Cliff took it all in stride, though! The Lord definitely answered our prayers and our trip was fairly uneventful and quick. We drove through Twentynine Palms and stopped by our house out there to check on things and continued across I-40 all the way through to DFW. It took us just three days, which is still amazing to me!

Texas has been nice enough to have a mild summer for us. Besides the humidity, which has many days been at 90%, it hasn’t been too bad, which we’re thankful for! I wasn’t sure how our littles would handle going from 65 degree days to 100+ temps! The kids are doing surprisingly well considering it’s been a full month now of living out of suitcases. It’s hard on them in some ways, but they are resilient. (More so than myself, I think!) They both travel with their special stuffed animal and blanket, which makes bedtime seem at least familiar no matter where we’re staying. They’re having a blast with their cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents!

Texas fun!

Texas fun!

We’ve managed to keep ourselves on a decent diet, which also makes a big difference in how the kids handle things. Pretty much everywhere we’ve stayed we’ve been able to find grain-free options and we have managed to stay away from the majority of the sweets (except some blue bell ice cream, which every Texan knows is a must when visiting the Lone Star State!) Our snacks have consisted of fresh fruits and veggies, guac and hummus, hard boiled eggs, and nuts and seeds. It’s amazing when I think about how hard it used to be to keep grains out of our diet when traveling or even just going to a restaurant. Now it just seems second-nature. There’s always an option that’s at least “better” if not “best”.

I hear rumors of an organic market and farm-fresh eggs in Lima, so I’m getting hopeful that with some adjustments, we’ll be able to continue our real foods/paleo/holistic lifestyle in Peru. We’ve already received all our passports and our visas, so we’re ready and waiting to go…and enjoying time with family in the meantime!

Happy Independence Day from Texas!

Happy Independence Day from Texas!


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