Passports and visas and littles, oh my!

So this is it. We’re down to our last few weeks here in California. It’s definitely bittersweet. Our family was really a family for the first time here. Olivia got her first real nursery after we moved here when she was 11 months old. We had truly been nomads for her little lifetime up until that point. Cliff was born here almost 14 months ago. We finally have a great home church. Things that seem normal now were just dreams during our first years of marriage and through two long deployments.

Now our family is in full “overseas preparation mode”. The kids and I received our official passports in the mail and will be applying for visas and traveling passports now.  We are sad to be leaving the Monterey area. We have loved every minute of our time in Pacific Grove. It’s the quaintest, sweetest, kindest and most beautiful town we’ve lived in. One we wish existed elsewhere (maybe in Texas somewhere…?) 20140407-210643.jpg

But it has been a wonderful experience and sometimes things are just that. Experiences. You can’t keep them forever or take them with you, but you hold onto those great memories and know you’ll think back to them often.

John’s language schooling is going great. He just got back from a month of language immersion in Puerto Rico, in which his communication skills vastly improved, and we all had a crude reawakening to military life and separations (thankfully it was a short one to break us back in!)


He’s on track to graduate in eight weeks and then it’s off to see family in Texas before we head to our final destination of Lima, Peru.

Lima is a bustling urban city of nearly 10 million people (yes, you read that right). It will be worlds different than Pacific Grove! We already have an apartment lined up (Praise God!) in the Mira Flores district, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There are so many little details between now and then, though, we are praying that God will work everything out as smoothly as possible! The thought of having our littles living in hotels and at grandparents houses and more hotels… for two months is a little daunting! But we trust it will work out for the best. I am hoping to keep up with the blog so that anyone who wants to can follow our adventures while we travel around South America. It should be a fun year! We are all continuing to work on our Spanish and Olivia even gives Cliff Spanish directives, ha! “Sientate, Cliff!” “¿Mas aguacate, Cliff?” She’s definitely fulfilling her roll as big sister… Cliff is running around like a little man on a mission and continues to amaze us with new words every day.


We’re just taking each day in – enjoying our littles where they are…and enjoying our last weeks in California. It’s hard to believe time goes by so fast!



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