Free date night

Yesterday afternoon we drove to Carmel Valley for a free date night. My parents had signed us up for a wine club membership last time they were here, so we get free tastings at Heller Organic Winery. It was our first time using our free tastings and it was really awesome! You just pop in, tell them you’re there for your membership tasting, drink wine, and leave. We discovered a free olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting bar, nearby too! There are also quite a few little home and garden shops around the area. We had a really nice time getting to know the area a little better. The kids even napped nearly the whole time we were gone (and my sister has been in town so even the sitter was free!)

It’s easy to use the expense as an excuse to not go out for date night. It was good to prove to ourselves that it can be done. In all reality, the purpose of a date night is just to spend time with each other and be able to speak an entire sentence without being interrupted by the littles. Even if you just go out for coffee and hire a teen to watch the kids, it’s much cheaper than a dinner and movie date night, which, let’s be honest, can run near $80 if you’re paying a sitter, buying two movie tickets and getting a sit-down dinner! But I’m happy to say, money isn’t an excuse for us not to go out anymore!



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