Pacific coast run and fun

This morning we wanted to go tide pooling again, but John and I also had 3 and 5 mile runs to complete. So we decided to run to the coast and take the path along until we found a good place for tidepools. It was a perfect combination of work and play. My sister, Ivy, has been here this month, so it was great getting to share the fun with her.

20131116-134340.jpg We found millions of hermit crabs when we made it down to the rocky coast. I’d never seen so many in one place before! Olivia loved finding the hermit crabs and watching them come out of their shell and crawl around. She was so enthralled, that she completely ignored the fact that her feet (socks and all) we’re getting soaked in the freezing water of the Pacific. A few times there would be a huge wave come up and we’d all have to jump up the rocks to higher ground. It was quite fun!



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