Autumn at Earthbound Organics

Last week we visited the Earthbound Organics Farm Stand down in Carmel Valley. We wanted to see the pumpkins, and frankly, we just wanted out of the house. The kids had been sick for two and a half weeks.

A few days after we got back from Nashville, Cliff started with a runny nose. It seemed like teething at first, but by the next day he was running his first fever and coming down with a croupy cough. The respiratory virus attacked his little system and we had some really long nights with Croup: walking Cliff outside in the cold foggy night air at 2am and then steaming up the bathroom, helping him breathe.

By the time Cliff was getting over the virus, Olivia came down with it. Thankfully, because she is older it didn’t present as Croup, but we had a few days of pretty high fever (of course she was worst over the weekend when the doctor’s office was closed). We don’t generally use medicines like Tylenol, so I was happy to see that the essential oils, hot tea and honey, and warm bone broth seemed to bring her out of it pretty well.

It was great to get some sunshine and fresh air. Olivia loved the teepees and there were tons of bright pumpkins!

20131105-221027.jpgWe visited the children’s garden and walked around the chamomile maze (which really did smell delicious! I want one in my backyard!) Olivia managed to bust her lip on a metal chair while we were there, but otherwise it was a very nice visit.

20131105-221050.jpgFinding the berry patch was a lot of fun for Liv. She was amazed to learn that her favorite fruit – raspberries – actually grew on a plant!

20131105-221125.jpgWe had a good time looking through the kitchen garden, too. They had just released a ton of ladybugs and Liv liked searching the plants for them. Cliff enjoyed chewing on the parsley.


It was a fun morning!


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