Moving to a toddler bed

Well, today is the day. The day of either our impending doom or our miraculous freedom from evening potty break calls. We’re not sure which, yet… Now that Olivia is completely potty trained (including naps and nights, yay!!) I have finally conceded to the loss of her bedtime restriction. I was holding onto that crib for dear life up until recently.

For those of you who don’t know, Olivia was a terrible sleeper – absolutely the worst – until some sort of break-through we reached at 16 months (we are still unsure of what to attribute that to – besides God’s absolute grace for this mama who was about to lose her mind). From the time she was a year and up until 16 months, literally hours of my day would be spent trying to get her to sleep for either nap or bed time. At the worst point I was spending 5+ hours in a day running a vicious cycle of rocking her to sleep, laying her down, her waking up, and repeating the whole process. It was grueling. I was also in my first and second trimester of pregnancy with Cliff at the time, so that made it 10 times worse. I am positive I made many mistakes in how to handle the issue – but only hindsight is 20/20. At the time we were trying everything possible to get her to sleep.

So you can see why I have been very hesitant to change anything in her sleeping routine. However, at 28 months old, we both feel she is ready. She’s learning boundaries and is learning to respect our authority as we are learning to mutually respect her as a person (for more on this, see my review of Bringing up Bébé to come in the next couple days).

We set up her bed before nap time today (she almost always takes great naps and falls asleep nearly immediately, even through teething these 2-year-molars, so we thought it was a better time to introduce it.) She is very excited and loves that she can get her baby doll or pacifier by herself when they fall out of bed. We’ll see how it goes! So far, so good!

She asked that I take this picture for Grams – here you go, Grams!



4 thoughts on “Moving to a toddler bed

  1. I’m STILL dealing with those kind of sleep problems. You can’t get anything done, and nobody is happy!!! Hope it’s going well tonight with the new bed!

    • Thanks, Crista, it went really well! Funny enough, she still doesn’t get out of bed until we go in to get her after she’s woke up (don’t know if that will last!) I hope night sleeps get better for you soon! I know how hard that is!

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