Turning leaves

Yesterday Olivia and I had an impromptu stop at the pond on NPS. We watched the ducks, chased a squirrel up a tree and admired the pretty yellow leaves on the trees. It is starting to look and feel like fall here in Monterey!





2 thoughts on “Turning leaves

  1. Y’all look beautiful! I didn’t know the leaves there turned colors. I kinda thought if the temperature was the same year round, then the leaves wouldn’t turn. I’m glad they are turning. It is wonderful to see the seasons change!
    Pap paw

    P.S. You can find the most colorful leaf, put it in your pocket, and press it for a memory :)

    • Thanks, dad! Yes, you’re right, there aren’t many leaves that change – this was at NPS and they have a few trees downtown that are changing and falling now, too! Good idea – we’ve been doing nature walks where we look for pretty things to collect or draw. We’ll have to find fall colored leaf next time!

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