Aquarium Outing

20131003-151736.jpgIt was a beautiful day for a bike ride down to the aquarium! The kids do well with biking now that we have figured out to carry Cliff in the Ergo and let Liv ride in the bike trailer. He’s just too young to sit in an unconfined space with his sister (we learned the hard way).

It was a great visit. Olivia loves the sea otters, so that was our first stop. We also saw a tiny octopus holed up in an empty barnacle. Then we made it to the star fish touch tables and we saw Sea Cucumber for the first time! It was so squishy – they have absolutely no bones, which was surprising to hear. It was fun realizing that Olivia is old enough to really watch things and ask questions. Our last stop was to the baby play area where Cliff made some new baby friends playing on the water bed. We looked for whales (there have been a lot of sightings this fall and John & Liv saw some earlier in the week on a run), but we didn’t see any. Maybe this weekend! I really want to see some from land – not boat like last year – that was not fun! Haha!



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