My Museum & no sleep

Last night was the second-worst night of sleep we’ve had in a week. Cliff had been doing really well – with stretches up to 6 hours during the night. But those darn teeth are at it again. Both of the kids are getting major teeth in. Olivia has 1 1/2 of her 2 year molars left. The result is a highly-emotional toddler who refuses to fall asleep in her bed before 10pm most nights lately (very unlike her). Cliff is barely fazed by his teething during the day…but during the night it seems that the only thing that will calm him is nursing. John tries taking a turn with him but nothing will do except mama. It doesn’t help that I’m trying to get over a cold, so sleep is a bit more necessary. Last night Cliff was up at 11:30, 12:40, 2:00 and we finally took him to bed with us after that. Sleeping with a restless baby was better than not sleeping at all.

We had promised Olivia we would take her to the My Museum (a children’s museum here in Monterey). It was $2 Tuesday so it was an affordable morning outing. John got up and made coffee…we sure needed it! We did our morning chores, got the kids ready and left for the museum.

20131001-141818.jpgI’m glad we went. Last time we made it to $2 Tuesday it was very crowded with lots of big kids. I had forgotten school is in though, so it was mostly empty with just pre-school aged little ones. The Wheelie Mobilee was there too, so there were a lot of fun activity tables with things like magnet blocks, paint pens and moon sand. Olivia really had a great time. Even Cliff joined in on the fun in the baby area, climbing around on the boat and big padded blocks (before koncking out on my back in the Ergo).

Sometimes it’s just best to get out and have some fun – even if it was a bad night of sleep. The kids enjoyed themselves, and we did too (more than we would have sitting on the couch wishing for more sleep at home). That’s what our life with littles is for now. When they get older we’ll get more sleep. For now we’ll just enjoy those squishy toes and adorable giggles before they grow up!


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