Liver Pate for breakfast


Last night I whipped up some liver pate for the first time ever.  I’ve been reading the importance of including liver in your diet for a long time, but frankly I just couldn’t find a way we could stomach it.  My whole pregnancy with Cliff I could barley handle cooking with chicken – let alone chicken livers.  Anyways, it didn’t take much effort to whip this up – and I think we nearly enjoyed it.  It was our favorite way we’ve found so far to eat liver.  I recall when I was young, enjoying the fried chicken livers mom used to make.  I tried to make it once – I think I really need her recipe because what I made I could barely gag down my throat.  This was much better.  We actually had it on eggs with homemade pork sausage this morning.  It was pretty good!  Olivia tasted it.  Then she said “I don’t want pa-tay!” haha.  We’ll work on it.  She did eat a bit.  If you want to give it a try, The Healthy Foodie is where I found the recipe – happy liver eating!


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