Breaking into the Blogging World

I have thought about starting a blog on our family for quite a while now, but I’m finally doing it.  John and I often have called ourselves “nomads” since last spring when we rented out our home in California, and I moved back to Texas.  John deployed to Afghanistan, for the second time, and again we were separated by thousands of miles.  Since he came home in November, we have lived again, as nomads.  We went “home” to Texas (Texas will always be home for us) for Christmas and thus ensued the ever-hectic and crazy marathon of seeing family, friends, having Christmas dinners and parties, etc.   And just in case it wasn’t crazy enough – my brother got married a week before Christmas!  :)

A few days after New Years’, we packed up all the things I had accumulated in Texas (quite a bit, since I had our daughter there this summer – and you know how much stuff babies bring – do you??  I sure didn’t!), and made the long drive (super long with a 7 month old) up to Virginia Beach, VA.  John has been here doing some educational training for his MOS and Olivia and I have been hanging out at our temporary “home” apartment.

We got some fantastic news last week…  We had been waiting for the CCLEB (Commandant’s Career Level Education Board) results since John was chosen for the education program in early December.  It was the second year he had applied for the FAO (Foreign Area Officer) program.  This time he was selected!  It was perfect.  Perfect timing – exactly the language and country we had wanted.  Everything just really worked out!  We are so thankful that the Lord has shown us favor in this assignment.  It’s been a long wait and we’ve been apart for so much of these first (almost) 3 years of marriage.  So what’s next?  Well, after we finish up our last couple of months in Twentynine Palms, we will be moving to beautiful Monterey, California where John will be getting his Masters degree from the Naval Post Grad School.  That should last about a year, then we will start Spanish language training to prepare for our In-Country Training (ICT) in Lima, Peru!  We’re excited about this opportunity for our family.  We’ve already started Olivia on Spanish.  It will be great for her to have the benefit of being bi-lingual from such a young age.  So there’s our family update!  We’ll do our best to use this blog to keep everyone current on where we’re going and what we’re doing – but that’s the plan for now.  Till next time…  Love to all our family and friends!


2 thoughts on “Breaking into the Blogging World

  1. That’s great!!! ?Ya vas ensenandole a Olivia en casa, o esta alguien mas empezandolo hasta que ustedes empiezan despues con algo mas formal?
    oh man, why does it always assign me this ugly olive green?

  2. I love y’all and I love your blog. Keep up the great work. I am your biggest fan. :) My website is undergoing a major re-write. When I’m finished, I’ll link to your BlogSite.

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